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Our Team 

We are a group of professionals with a history of experience in ammunition and weaponry. Recognising a gap in the market for a safe, accurate and effective alternative to other non-lethal products, we spent months working on and testing the design for Accu-Ammo. The result is exactly as we intended, having created a round that can hit accurately up to a distance of 40m. 

Our Ambassador 


Leo Prinsloo

Leo Prinsloo became a South African legend when he miraculously evaded an armed robbery attempt while escorting high value cargo to Pretoria. Currently he is a chief instructor for Fortis Active Defense Solutions as head of training in their Lone Operator program. Before that he had a long career in the South African Police Service, and was selected for their Special Task Force, where he rose to the rank of Captain. During that time he was part of many high risk operations, including security details for two US Presidents and the Queen of England.

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