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About Accu-Ammo

Designed by Chris Erasmus, his unique ammunition offers a high standard alternative to other non-lethal products currently on the market. Designed to hit but not penetrate up to a distance of 40m.


Made from a soft rubber round, Accu-Ammo has fins designed to allow the round to spin through the air on a straight trajectory. Unlike other non-lethal rounds which hold the risk of hitting untargeted bystanders, Accu-Ammo is accurate enough to hit the target every time. 


Why you need Accu-Ammo

The importance and need for an alternative method of crowd dispersal has been a long-standing necessity. The major disadvantages of other rubber bullets are their high energy and inaccuracy. Riot and Protest Ammunition sought out to remove these disadvantages from non-lethal ammunition by designing our own non-lethal round. 

How it works

This animation allows you to see exactly how Accu-Ammo works. Flying on a straight trajectory up to a distance of 40m, Accu-Ammo has the accuracy to hit your target every time.

Accu-Ammo Trajectory Explained

Accu-Ammo Gallery

Satisfied customers

Guardians Security

endorses Accu-Ammo: 20 October 2022


"Guardians stands behind this product as we engage on a daily basis with protests and evictions In the inner city and outskirts ... Guardians has moved away from traditional ammo and will only be using Accu-Ammo ... Guardians would like to thank Riot & Protest for bringing out Accu-Ammo which has proven itself in the field which we specialise in. We recommend that other companies move over to and use Riot & Protest's Accu-Ammo".

G Moraitis, Director

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