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Let’s talk about the worlds best new less-lethal weaponry, a first of it’s kind, introducing Accu-Ammo. A Round designed specifically against perpetrators of violence, it accurately and effectively stops them in their tracks.

Accu-Ammo is

Made from a rubber round with a straight shooting projectile, Accu-Ammo shoots accurately and effectively up to a distance of 40 meters. Unique from other less-lethal products on the market, Accu-Ammo’s accuracy and consistency can be relied upon.

Accu-Ammo is safe


Accu-Ammo is Accurate


Accu-Ammo is Effective



Accu-Ammo Experiences

“This is the first time I’ve shot Accu-ammo. I’m very impressed with the product. It’s different to the other less-lethal ammo available on the market”

Leo Prinsloo


Accu-Ammo in action

This video allows you to see a live demonstration of Accu-Ammo’s abilities. Set in a safe environment, we lined up manakins at a distance of 40m and allowed Leo Prinsloo and Marthinus Scholtz to test out Accu-Ammo for themselves. Check out the video to see the results.

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